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California Whole Life Insurance

Although death is a part of life that we tend to not want to think about, it is an inevitable part of life. The loss of a loved one is the hardest thing for a person to endure, but there is peace of mind in knowing your loved ones will be protected financially in the event of an untimely death. California Whole Life Insurance is the safest way to ensure your loved ones will never have financial hardships compounded with the emotional stress of your passing. Save Pro Insurance can help you find the California Whole Life Insurance policy that fits your needs and your budget.

If you are a California resident, and searching for whole life insurance, you have come to the right place. With many insurance companies to choose from, it can be overwhelmingly stressful searching for the right insurance policy. You can spend countless hours online going website to website trying to find a quote cheaper than the last one; or you can call multiple agencies and repeat yourselves to a new sales associate every time.

In coming to Save Pro Insurance Solutions you are getting the best of both options. Our streamlined quoting process has access to all major insurance companies across the golden state. We are able to find you the most competitive quote available that fits your specific needs. Our experienced agents will gather all the information that pertains to YOU and YOUR FAMILY and ensure your coverage is perfect for your situation. There is no better place to look for your California Whole Life Insurance policy that Save Pro Insurance Solutions, which has already saved thousands of customers in their first conversation.

To find the best California Whole Life Insurance policy, you will need to understand the benefits that come from owning a whole life insurance plan. Whole Life Insurance is the simplest form of permanent life insurance. It features lifelong protection with guaranteed premiums, death benefit, and cash value.

California Whole Life Insurance plans will come with premiums that are fixed and permanent. With term plans your premiums are not fixed which can result in paying more for your coverage as you proceed into your senior years or begin to have health issues. The peace of mind in having set premiums and rates comes from the ability to set a budget and avoid unwanted expenses in the future.

Term Life Insurance gives your coverage for a set period of time, if your policy is expired and you pass away, your beneficiaries will not receive any assistance. When this happens it means that California residents will pay towards their policies for years and will not receive anything from their insurer. This problem can be avoided with a California Whole Life Insurance policy which covers you throughout your entire lifetime. Save Pro Insurance will give you the protection of your investment that you deserve.

California has many benefits to its residents going with a whole life policy. Under California’s Free Look Provision, you are allowed to change your mind.  Free Look gives you the option to cancel your policy for any reason, even after you have signed the contract with the insurance company. The Free Look period covers you for at least ten days to cancel without penalty, some insurers will even give you up to a thirty day period to review and cancel your policy without penalty.

California also gives its residents a Grace Period, which covers residents from facing immediate cancellation of their coverage for late payments.  A minimum of at least thirty days is required on late payments. Regardless of the reason for being late on payment, your policy cannot be cancelled within thirty days of miss a payment, giving your peace of mind in the event of making a late payment.

Save Pro Insurance benefits you in choosing your California Whole Life Insurance policy
  • Convenience of payment options - You can pay fully in an allotted amount of time or you can may annually through the duration of your life. In the rare event of hardships, California Whole Life Insurance policies also have loan and cash back options available to assist those who need it.
  • Policy Options – Save Pro Insurance offers the biggest variety of coverage and multiple insurance companies all available through our streamlined quoting process. In one stop you will have the most competitive rate with a policy designed specifically for you and your family.
  • Experience – It is never easy to make plans for an untimely death, our experienced agents will make this part of the process simple. Protection of you and your loved ones is our biggest concern and we will make sure all of your needs are met and you can have comfort in knowing your loved ones are set for the rest of your life.

Life is precious and should be enjoyed every day; Save Pro Insurance Solutions is here to ensure you that you never need to worry again about the financial burden that could be left on your family in your absence.  Call us today at 530-923-2930. License - 0G13612

Join the thousands of California consumers that have saved by switching to SavePro Insurance Solutions. Call today for your free policy review 530.923.2930 License 0G13612

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